The Partners

D'Marco McElhinney

D’Marco is widely known as a healthcare innovator and strategist. Having worked across a wide spectrum of healthcare-focused entities, he has consistently operated within roles such as Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations, as well as lead senior consultant and operational strategist. He has focused on operational enhancement, financial improvement, and organizational leadership/development within Home Healthcare, Hospital Systems, and medical practices.

D’Marco was instrumental in the development of several specialty practices, federally qualified Health Centers, and other healthcare systems that have led to increased profit margins, reduced inefficiency, and set the tone of enhanced growth and financial results in the healthcare community. Having a deep perspective across multiple sectors of the healthcare field allows D’Marco to lead his partners to see the solutions to complex operational inefficiencies holistically.

Through these endeavors, he has been responsible for the build-out of critical infrastructure and systems that have allowed start-up entities to grow and expand rapidly, leading to multi-million-dollar mergers and acquisitions. His intuition on the changing needs in healthcare and ability to shift priorities based on the healthcare landscape has led to outsized results for organizations that have used his services.

Yvette Crowell

Yvette Crowell is one of three founding members of Perspective Partners with 37 years of healthcare experience. She has had a 3-point angle in her healthcare career in the sectors of payer, provider, and vendor. Having over 20 years in RCM, Yvette has held positions such as Consultant, VP of Business Development & President in other firms. She has developed a sharp eye for how businesses can get bloated with inefficiencies, cross-purposes, and miscommunications.

Using her knowledge, Yvette helps organizations retool for a sleeker, smoother, strategically focused operation. Being a visionary and an innovative Steward, she is constantly looking for avenues to enhance revenue, discovering catalysts that drive quality-based results while influencing powered teams and creating platforms that promote an exemplary customer experience.

Her passion is in building relationships that help the organization's leadership learn how to navigate in this post-COVID era. Her goal is to create a culture that thrives in a Total Quality Management environment, where bottom-line results rule, VOC is heard, employees are valued, and high performance is attainable.

Yvette is also an expert in practice management, process improvement, revenue enhancement, contract management, negotiations, business development, and education. Teaching medical coding & billing at career colleges led her to VCU Health System. Yvette was commissioned to write “The Trainer '', a compilation of SOP for its 7 divisions that included coding, billing, service rationale, and compliance guidelines. She has been a corporate trainer for many organizations and has led in QA & QI roles. Yvette has led departments and organizations through start-up, survival, conversions, close-outs, turn-around, growth modes, and global partnering. She brings this experience and knowledge to others through Perspective Partners.

The Team

Perspective Partners was started by two healthcare leaders that wanted better services and outcomes for multi-speciality practices and mid-size healthcare businesses. Along this journey to better the healthcare world they recruited talent from all over the world to assist in this mission for better outcomes in all sectors of healthcare.  

This team lead by the partners consist of our Virtual Assistants, RCM management and support staff, data team and more. Perspective Partners is the home of many employees that makes the vision, mission, and values come to life through the work and efforts that they do everyday